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What Is Sensory Inclusivity?

Connecting Through Shared Arts Experiences

The arts – in all forms – make a significant impact on society and communities. At the individual level, they can affect who we are and how we see the world. Performing and visual arts help children and adults experience new things, learn, and understand each other. However, for some people, the arts can be inaccessible: too overwhelming or uncomfortable to experience.

Kids And Art
Boy At Show
Girl Amazed At Flowers
Happy Teen
Girls Dancing

Everyone deserves to enjoy and benefit from the visual and performing arts, and that’s what Sensory Inclusive Programming is all about.

What Are Sensory Sensitivities?

Sensory sensitivities include sensory processing disorder (SPD), sensory processing sensitivity (SPS), and environmental sensitivity (ES). People with sensory sensitivities often process stimuli more or less intensely than people without these sensitivities. They can be any age, from babies and young children to seniors, and these sensitivities can emerge over time or be present from a very young age. People with sensory sensitivities may struggle with common stimuli, including:

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They may also feel anxious or overwhelmed. In some instances, they may need to take a break from highly stimulating or unfamiliar environments.

Sensory Inclusive - Happy Kid With Painted Face
Happy Kid With Painted Face

The Rich Rewards Of Arts Experiences

The performing arts have the power to encourage creativity, build self-esteem, and foster a sense of community and belonging for both spectators and participants.


Sensory inclusive programming makes these rich rewards accessible and available to all. Everyone is welcome to enjoy live theatre, visit museums and gardens, go to a concert, and experience the joy, inspiration, and enrichment of the arts.

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